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Not Just Another Politician

“I am energized by the opportunity to serve you as your state senator and I pledge to give you a state senator whom you can be proud to know. I humbly ask for your support in this endeavor.” -Steve Brewer

At 56, he currently serves as the Senate Chairman of the Comittee on Ethics and Rules, and also serves on the powerful Senate commitee on Ways & Means. He is vice-chairman of the Committe on Natural Resources and Agricu lture as well as a long-time member of the Committee on Public Safety.

Over the Past years, Brewer has been a strong voice for protecting our children, for Local Aid, K-12 public education, higher education–getting the job done for his constituents.

Brewer has built a reputation for being dependable, responsive, and independent minded; that is why his constituents have elected him and re-elected him four times to the Senate.

Prior to his service in the Senate, Steve served 4 terms in the House and 3 terms as a town selectmen in his hometown of Barre.

A Barre homeowner, Steve holds a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Massachusetts (1971) and a Masters Degree in History from Assumption College i n Worcester (1974).

While being a legislator is a great responsibility, being husband and father to three wonderful ladies is the most important and joyous part of his life.