Five Tips to Hire a Plumber


We often ask ourselves, “Do I really need a plumber?” It’s always that split second of doubt that ends up messing everything up because we have trust issues, we want to skimp a bit of money, or we simply don’t know how to choose the right plumber service. Plumbers like plumber Mentone can help you fix any water-related problem, but maybe choosing the right plumbers like them is rather tricky, so we’re going to tell you how below:

Consider Their Certificates and Past Training

fixHiring someone who is not qualified for the job or has slim to none experience is stupid, and we should never be that person. Always consider hiring a fully certified plumber, and even though there are clandestine plumbers in some states, most states require proper licensing before they are granted business permits.

Hire Only Plumbers Who Can Provide Proof of Insurance

Plumbers without proof of insurance should be avoided because they will mostly cheat you out of your money and ask you to pay a higher fee. Some insurance cover water-related damages like leaky pipes, and there are bad plumbers out there who are out to swindle you for a good sum, so they won’t bother telling you if insurance can cover the costs.

Ask for an Inspection

Plumbers who said they could fix something without knowing about the problem, the whole gravity of the situation, the water pipe system and layout in your home, etc., sound pretty red flag-ish, and you should think twice before hiring them. Always ask for an inspection, but it’s better if they offer to do the inspection first, further increasing their credibility.


Inquire About Their Past Projects

Plumbers are service workers, which means they need clients to hire them to do something for them, e.g., fixing their pipes and restoring water quality. They will most likely have a list of past projects, both failed and successful, so always ask for their portfolio if you want to have a guarantee. You can also ask around to their past customers to know if their experience with them is good or bad.

Ask for an Estimated Cost

Honest professional plumbers with years of experience can give an accurate estimation because they’ve been doing their plumbing services for so long and have seen all kinds of problems and water-related issues during their career span. You should always make sure that they’re charging you a reasonable price for their services by checking the market cost and comparing the price with other plumbing services.