Factors to Consider When Buying a Fire Extinguisher

extinguishing fire

Fire extinguishers are used in firefighting in homes, offices, gas stations, and public spaces. There is a need to have a fire extinguisher in a home and office. Fire can be caused by several things, such as gas supplies, solid waste, and electrical equipment. It is advisable to put off the fire at the start. This will reduce the amount of damage to the building and facility. These are the important factors to consider when choosing a fire extinguisher

Extinguishing Agent

You need to find out the extinguishing agent the fire extinguisher contains. Remember that the extinguishing agent is appropriate for putting certain classes of fire. For instance, fire class E is caused by electrical faults and equipment. In such a case, it is advisable to use a Fire Extinguisher For Electrical Fire. Using water or foam extinguishers can cause sparks and damage to the electrical equipment.

Water-based fire extinguishers are cheaper and suitable for solid fires. For class B fires, it is recommended to use floor-based fire extinguishers.


powder extinguisherIt is advisable to determine the capacity of the fire extinguisher needed for the building. Also, various parameters like the area of the building and materials used should be considered. When determining capacity, make sure you take into account the sensitivity and location of the place. Ensure you follow legal requirements when determining the number of extinguishers required. Safe experts can help you.

Functional Mechanism

Fire extinguishers can be classified based on their mode of operation. The main types are balloons and pressure. The balloon-type has a tank containing pressurized gas, which delivers the exhaust pressure. However, this type is meant to be used by trained people and firefighters only.

Working Temperature

There is a need to check the working temperature range of the fire extinguisher depending on the environmental conditions. In most cases, the recommended temperature range is 20 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Body Shape

wet chemical extinguisherYou should also consider the body shape of the fire extinguisher. That is because it affects the lifespan and quality of the extinguisher. Since a fire extinguisher is always pressurized and ready to use, its shape is important. Also, you should consider the warranty period.

Body Tag Description

The tag provides detailed information about the fire extinguisher. Some of the information contained in the tag includes standard marks, expiry date, and instructions on how to use it.